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MAPCOP Has The Features You Need to Make MAP Monitoring Easy

Features and Benefits

MAP Monitoring That Never Rests
Our system will monitor your MAP policy 24/7. No more cat and mouse games with resellers dropping prices during off-hours and weekends.
Real-Time Violation Snapshots
When our system finds a MAP violation it takes a snapshot of the web page and saves it with a time stamp. This gives you the proof you need of where and when the violation occured.
Violation History
Every time a retailer violates MAP our system saves a record of it, so you know who the repeat offenders are and how frequently they are in violation.
Streamlined Enforcement
Enforcing your MAP policy is as simple as clicking a button. Our system will send the infraction notification complete with screenshots of all the reseller's violations.
Advanced Reseller Identification
If you ever had problems with resellers operating anonymously or under a false name, we offer advanced reseller identification where we uncover exactly who those resellers are.
Automated Email Logs and Notes
MapCop also acts as an online paper-trail, so there is no way out when the time comes for you to take action against a MAP violator.
Easy Product Setup
Adding products to monitor is as simple as copying a list of UPC codes from a spreadsheet. No need to include item names, ASINs or other identifiers; our system will handle that for you.
MAP Report Emails
You can stay on top of your MAP policy without having to log in. We will send you real-time MAP reporting and updates right to your email.
Phone and Email Support
MapCop is not just a monitoring system. You also get phone and email support from our U.S. based team of professionals who are dedicated to your success.
Competitive Pricing
MAP monitoring doesn't have to be expensive. With several plans to choose from, we offer very competitive pricing that fits any budget. You can pay month to month or pay annually for greater savings.
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