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MAPCOP Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is MAP pricing?

MAP pricing or a MAP policy is when a company sets a floor price on an item, requiring resellers to charge no less than this price. MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price, which implies that the item must not have a price advertised that is bellow the MAP price.

How often does MAPCOP scan for violations?

Our system is constantly scanning for MAP violations. Sites carrying MAP products will be scanned several times a day, ensuring that violations will be identified in a timely manner.

Can I upload my products in bulk?

Yes you can. Our system makes it easy to add products whether you are adding 1 or several thousand. You can type in the data or copy and paste from a spreadsheet or directly out of your system.

How will I know a MAP violation has occurred?

When our system detects a MAP violation, it is recorded with a real-time screen shot along with a time stamp. You then receive an email letting you know about the violation. You also have access to all the violations we find in your administrative panel.

Does MAPCOP find MAP violations on Amazon?

If a seller on Amazon is violating your MAP policy, we will find it. Our system digs deep into the Amazon seller list to find any vendors who are not upholding MAP.

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