Offering a comprehensive MAP policy enforcement system, MAPCOP is an industry leader in brand protection for manufacturers.

MAPCOP's practical, easy-to-use platform calls attention to frequent price changes and the existence of particularly low prices being advertised online for your company's goods.

Critically, MAPCOP never sleeps. Our system monitors your products across the internet 24/7 to capture all MAP violations — even on nights and weekends.

Beyond constant monitoring, MAPCOP offers a centralized history of violations against your MAP policy, advanced reseller identification, real-time MAP reporting and updates, screenshots of violations, and more.

With MAPCOP doing the heavy lifting to keep your brand's reputation intact, you'll have the proof you need to put an end to violations and a direct line of contact to violators, freeing up time to focus on other areas of your business.

To get started protecting your brand online with MAPCOP, request a free trial.

MAP enforcement can be challenging, especially when it comes time to contact a violator with proof. That's not the case with MAPCOP. When a reseller is found violating your MAP policy, a real-time screenshot is captured and can be passed on within one of our built-in, fully customizable notification templates. Our system watches retailers across the internet day and night, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your brand.

A comprehensive system for identifying and stopping MAP violations, with 24/7 monitoring.